What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit - John Updike

Melinda Ferraraccio, MA Expressive Arts Therapies, LCAT-P, RYT, AEA Expressive Arts Facilitator, 500 hr advanced certified yoga instructor, Artist and Devisor

Healing with Arts was developed with the belief that playing in the arts allows one to observe a healing power that exists beyond the tangible. Melinda Ferraraccio, artist, devisor, yoga practitioner, and expressive arts facilitator uses this power of the arts as a tool to guide clients through the muck of their own “Wonderland.”

Have you ever felt rooted in one spot unable to pull your feet out of the heavy mud and move forward? Maybe you had a recent disappointment? Perhaps you have experienced a tragedy or loss? Or possibly, you have great ideas just waiting to surface. Wherever you are, Healing with Arts meets you there and provides you with a safe container to explore the unknown, the mystery, and the beauty. Art making can help propel you to continue the “walk” by taking those creative first steps. Expressive arts sessions or workshops with Melinda Ferraraccio, LCAT-P, RYT can help you to discover a reservoir of strength and resources to employ. And, like Alice, you can take a step in a new direction to wind up in a colorful “somewhere.”


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Healing with Arts offers private and group expressive therapy sessions and workshops. Private yoga and breath sessions, semi private (2-6 practitioners), and group classes. Invest in yourself today, join Healing with Arts and discover your own path through Wonderland!

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